Cricket Feet Showcase: on hiatus!

Apparently a bunch of LA actors made “Do the Cricket Feet Showcase” a resolution for 2010 because I’m getting bombarded with emails and Facebook messages about our beloved showcase.

(My ode to what the showcase started out to be, to what it became, and to what it might be is here. Read it. It’s a good post.)

So, let me just put this here so it’s clear (and I’ll cross-post this at my fan page, over at Facebook, so folks can easily bump into the info).

For now, there’s no more showcase. 🙂 We reached our five-year goal for talent level, attendance level, and results in actors’ careers level in just over two years. Unfortunately, we did not reach our five-year goal for getting corporate financing, and we went out of pocket $5K for the 2009 showcase. We can’t afford to keep doing that, and our five-year goal was to have the showcase be free for actors.

Since we couldn’t afford to lose another $5K in 2010 and because we were having to turn away industry because we were so full at our 2009 shows, we were going to have to add another show, and that meant printing more programs, renting and insuring the space for another night, hiring the tech crew for another night, paying for booze and catering for another night… and because we’re not yet corporately financed (our five-year goal, again), that meant we were actually going to have to raise the price of the showcase to keep doing it at this level.

And that’s the opposite direction we wanted to go, within five years.

So, rather than continue to produce the showcase–which we clearly have learned how to do at a rockstar level, having changed the game for what the industry expects of industry showcases–while losing money and raising the cost for the actors, we chose to go on hiatus and go back to producing showcases when we, as a corporation, can fully fund them ($30K) and invite our favorite actors to participate or when we get the corporate backing we had hoped to attract within five years.

So, bummer for those who were hoping to participate in 2010 or beyond, as there’s no telling when we’ll be back to producing showcases, but keep an eye on the showcase website for updates and of course, know I’ll blast the word out at Facebook when we’re in a position to do them again. Very hopeful that many of the projects we have brewing for 2010 will be such good money-earners that we are told by our tax guy that we, as a corporation, have to lose a bunch of money each year. 🙂 Then we’ll be set! 🙂

Much love to you fine folks who are into doing rockstar showcases. Please, produce your own! Rent some space, choose some original material by great writers (please, don’t show folks the same old tired scenes we’ve seen a thousand times), hire a director, and make some noise! That’s how we started out, and we grew to the biggest, highest-attendance, most critically-acclaimed, results-getting showcase in town… in just over two years. Awesome!

Posted by bonnie at January 4, 2010 12:38 PM


I feel really lucky to have been able to see one of the showcases. The showcase itself is one of my fondest memories from being there! Thanks so much for making it possible! Quite an accomplishment!

Posted by: claartje van Swaaij at January 5, 2010 3:32 AM

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