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Last week I asked you to share some specifics with me about what it would take for you to be your best self for 2020. I showed you the results of a survey in our Self-Management for Actors Facebook group and asked for your thoughts.

bonnie gillespie free training survey in smfa fb group

THANK YOU for being so open and detailed in your responses. Here’s a just little bit of what you shared.

“When I get auditions I print the sides… but most of the time I wait ’til it’s close to due, do a rushed job, and hope for the best.”

“If I have to prepare something for an audition I’ll wait until the last minute to do so. I think it boils down to not wanting to waste time on something I might not even get anyway… not getting too attached.”

“My biggest self-sabotage is not taking every audition seriously. I’ll talk myself into thinking it’s not as big of a deal so I don’t feel guilty about not giving it my all. Sometimes I’ll talk down the importance of [an] audition so I’m not disappointed if I do give it my all and don’t book it.”

“Trying to get through all my submission emails turns into a huge time suck for me and then turns into my excuse not put in the work preparing for the auditions, classes, and jobs I already have.”

“I need to carve out more time for myself to do the work that doesn’t present immediate results.”

“I know things will work out in time. But I need to know if I’m doing anything *wrong* while I wait.”

Yeah… wow, y’all. I hear you.

And I want to help.

I’m seeing protecting against rejection, getting bogged down in the minutiae, and that good ol’ resistance to investing in the unglamorous work that’s all about the long-term impact.

Okay. I’m super inspired by these trends and how this all comes down to one big word: SAFETY. Ironic that we chose these unpredictable creative storytelling careers specifically because we couldn’t fathom a life rolling around on a plastic pad behind a desk in a cubefarm… and then we create sabotages for ourselves when we don’t feel safe playing ALL OUT with this dreamlife we’ve chosen or going ALL THE WAY with work we know needs to be done for us to build a business that can last a lifetime.

I’m going to build some things for y’all.

Do me a favor: Put a little note on your calendar on December 21st. Pop up a Post-It Note. Add a reminder in your phone. Whatever. Just circle the 21st and be on the lookout for some free goodies from me to help you tackle these specific issues and more.

Meanwhile, I wanted to thank you for SHARING the *ads* we’ve taken out at Facebook and Instagram! When you tag your friends in the comments or hit the SHARE button, you really help amplify the message about our free training and I really appreciate you for helping us out. We’ve actually never advertised so this is a big step for us and I’m so grateful that the ads have brought in some WONDERFUL people who had never heard of Self-Management for Actors. (I know. Crazy, right?)

I’m mentioning the ads not only to welcome those of you who are new here because of them (WELCOME!!!) and not only to thank those of you who are helping boost the signal on our first venture into paying to be seen (THANK YOU!!!) but also to offer those of you who’ve *not* seen the ads the same goodies that are available to those who do!

You’re welcome! 😉

Please remember, your soul remains patient while things aren’t going the way your ego thinks they should. Lean into your soul’s response to this creative life you’ve chosen. It LOVES it here. I’m going to help you settle your sweet ego down a wee bit (while boosting your self-esteem; it’s really wonderful how enoughness works)!

December 21st. More free goodness from me. You set a reminder, right?

Before I go, let me share with you some spectacular news: In addition to our beloved Thalma de Freitas being nominated for a Grammy, our very own Bonnie Kathleen Ryan is in the Oscar race! It’s so exciting to see these phenomenal creatives DOING IT and I hope you’ll join in the celebration for taking our careers into our own hands, never waiting for anyone else to give us permission to live out our art!

What will YOU build next?

How can I help?

Much love,

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Enoughness is an inside job… and sometimes you need a guide to find your way there. Let Bonnie Gillespie get you started.

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