Hello you glorious creature.

Good headline, huh? Yeah… who WOULDN’T want to become *instantly* more attractive in all the right ways?

Earlier this year, I hired an SEO expert to analyze what brings people to my website.

Ho.ly.Data, y’all!

(You know I’m a massive geek when it comes to statistical analysis and pattern-tracking, right?)

Right after all the searches about how long it takes to hear back after an audition and just before the ones about how to start an acting career over the age of [BLANK], there’s a bunch o’ searches that come down to “How do I become more castable?” in all sorts of different wording.

(Oh, and before I leave behind the SEO part of things, let’s be clear that the REAL question that “how long it takes to hear back” search asks is, “When should I LET GO after an audition” and the answer of course is, “The second you leave the casting office!“)

But the “How do I become more castable, likable, hireable, lovable, magnetic, attractive, WHATEVER” thing is a fascinating search… a fascinating question… a fascinating answer.

And the reason I have the answer figured out on this is because in the 20+ years I’ve been paid to dole out advice to the creative storytellers of the world (leading to more Emmys every year it seems), there’s ONE THING that the most successful, enduring, prosperous, healthy, and happy people have in common.

It’s not their great headshots. It’s not their slick demo reel. It’s not their massive social media following. It’s not their fancy agent. It’s not their look or their training or anything else that my SEO expert says leads people from all over the world to my site every freakin’ day.


It’s enoughness.

The end.

Enoughness is castable. It’s bookable. It’s lovable. It’s magnetic, attractive, charismatic, and award-winning at its highest tier.

And its impact is INSTANT.

Here’s the problem, though: While its impact is instant, the work of enoughness is done daily — sometimes hourly — and it’s never over.

It’s the not-at-all-glamorous not-at-all-sexy sometimes-even-boring minutiae of self-love, self-care, certainty of self-WORTH that most artists would rather avoid.

How much would you rather avoid it? So much so that you’ll spend tens of thousands of dollars on headshots, demo reel editing, self-produced footage, craft classes, image styling, social media strategies, and everything OTHER THAN the mindset work I spend every freakin’ day trying to guide you through.

Luckily, enough showbiz (and non-showbiz) creatives have now not only allowed me to guide them in their inward journey toward enoughness but have thrived at stratospheric levels as a result of this daily (sometimes hourly) work that it’s clear: I’ve got this figured out.

Which is good news if you’re sure it can’t ever work for you. Because you don’t have to figure it out. I already have done so and I’m thrilled when you let me help you on this journey.

Now, I know. You can’t see what a higher resting state of enoughness would have to do with your becoming more castable (and did I mention it works INSTANTLY?) because your focus is on things like getting better headshots, improving your footage, tightening up your craft, building your social media following, and getting in front of casting directors (which may or may not mean you need an upgrade in your agent/manager situation).

Honey. You can have all your tools on point and have the dream team to end all dream teams. Have your craft at its best and your follower count at its highest. And absolutely NONE OF THAT will make a difference if your enoughness is low.

And — fun fact — when you begin to doubt all the BEST everything in terms of your tools and your talent, it’s almost always because your enoughness has taken a hit. So you start tweaking stuff. You planted seeds while your enoughness was high. You had faith. You were committed to put in the time it takes for exciting things to develop. And then that HIT got you worried. So worried you couldn’t just sit within that faith.

Usually, your enoughness took a hit because of something someone said or a tactic you saw working for someone else or because of how long it’s been since your last booking or how your bank account is dwindling. So you started digging up seeds you planted in faith.

Right as they were about to take root.

Then you ask me why nothing’s working. Darlin’, nothing works when you keep digging up seeds to see if they’ve taken root yet. You know they’ve taken root when shoots start to come up from that healthy soil you’ve been tending. Until then, you trust the process. You don’t lose faith in your methods!

If you did everything right? Stop undoing stuff. Do more enoughness work so you keep the faith about those seeds, that soil, and the time it takes for growth to show. Stay the freakin’ course.

Look, I know this is some esoteric shit and that’s why it’s the topic of today’s broadcast. I wanna dig in on this with you. Especially if you need a better understanding of what you can do to boost your enoughness TODAY so you get those instant results. (And I’m not kidding about the results being instant. It’s the constant fortifying that has to continue for instant results to persist, of course. And that’s where most folks get tripped up.) Have you started up the habit of meeting up with me weekly on my livestreams?

Join me every Tuesday at 12pm PDT over at Facebook Live or YouTube Live or Periscope/Twitter. Woo HOO!

And check my events calendar here for future topics. 😉

As for that free training I’m developing off your amazing replies to my email last week (WHOA! Y’all seriously came through with a LOT of confirmation that this is a real issue! Thank you!!), looks like this will take the shape of a webinar and I’m going to offer it up THREE times — each time LIVE, y’all — later this week!

Now, while I’ve done a bajilliondy livestreams in the past decade, I’ve never done a WEBINAR, so bear with me while I learn how to do this. 😉

I’m *also* building a PDF or two to go with the free webinar training I’m creating so depending on what time it is when you head over here to register to join me, I may have a free download for you. 😉 If it’s not there yet, no worries! It’ll be on its way to you soon.

I am having a blast constructing this fabulous new masterclass for you! And yes, you may attend all three sessions if you’d like! Just keep heading back to this page to sign up for each one! You’re awesome! I’m SUPER excited to see where this convo takes us during this free live training… thrice! 🙂 Woo HOO!

Again, huge thanks for sharing your experiences with me. My inbox has been overflowing with hundreds of replies and I’ve loved reading ’em all. 🙂 You’re awesome and I’ve got you covered, you rockstar! You’ve got stories to tell and I’m gonna do my best to be sure you get to do so on as large a platform as possible!

(Just thank me when you hold up something gold and shiny, K?)

All my love,

Bonnie Gillespie autographed the internet

Enoughness is an inside job… and sometimes you need a guide to find your way there. Let Bonnie Gillespie get you started.

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