Y’all. I did it. I asked for the sale.

I never, never, never do this. I would usually answer this question with the first part… then stop. Because the question was, “When are you coming to New York,” and once I’ve shared the answer (“Probably in 2020”), that exchange is over, right?

Bonnie Gillespie explores the REAL question and then asks for the sale.

Holy cats, am I excited! I boldly decided to risk being HATED for adding the “meanwhile” part… because a teeny voice in my head said, “You DO know she’s saying, ‘I want to work with you…‘ and in her mind, that means IN PERSON IN NEW YORK. But Bon, *you* know there’s a way she can work with you sooner. Tell her that’s an option.”

And for the first time, I decided to listen to that teeny voice and the best-case scenario in my mind was that this lovely human wouldn’t hate me for being so brazenly self-promotey right there in her Instagram DMs.

Welp, yesterday, we welcomed this lovely human to our online program and she shared a photo of her cat lying on her three-ring-binder set up with the name of our course on the cover… right next to my top-selling book, which of course has all sorts of Post-It Note flags and love-creases from being so well-used and loved. She’s so excited to begin her 100-day journey with us. Online!

She was ASKING to buy. That’s what was happening here. She wasn’t asking when my book tour would next bring me to her city, although those were the words she used. She was ASKING to buy. And I finally freakin’ saw it, responded to it, and… I DIDN’T DIE!

I’m now going to ask myself, “What’s the real question?” before being so quick to answer what the words make my brain think the question IS first. 😉 Because buyers want to buy. It’s high time I stopped standing in their way.

Do you ask for the sale? What shape does that take in your world? I’d love to know! Thank you for celebrating with me!

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