Hello beautiful people of Expansive Capacity! Happy Woo-Woo Wednesday!

This month, in support of our deep dive on Your Relationship with Change, we’re leaning into the power of the Mutable signs. They’re our ever-changing, down-with-flow, shape-shifters. They’re, of course, the signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

Now, you know we’ve already done a little exploration of the signs’ qualities (AKA modes, modalities) over here. (And if you’re craving more, hit my free astro training series here.) We’re specifically going to let the Mutable signs ease us into a healthier relationship with change, as they do change well, naturally.

These glorious signs each have their own way of going about Mutability. Our Geminis will talk their way through many different points of view before settling on one (for now) that lights them up. Our Virgos will look into every detail with efficiency and a critical eye, then put in the work to change into the most practical option. Our Sagittarius friends will use a joy of expansion and quest for exploring to constantly change and grow. And our Pisces buddies shape-shift like none other, as their reality is theoretical… links of time and place are tenuous at best. They change by feeling into what’s good.

Since we all have these four signs in our charts (we all have ALL 12 signs in our charts, of course), your woo-woo work for this month is to lean into the Mutable sign of your choice when you’re in a situation that calls for change you’re resisting. For example, I channel my secret Sagittarius when I need to be less rigid. I remind myself that to grow IS to change… and growing, learning, expanding my mind is a top-tier value of mine. So framing change as evolution based off exploration to new realms is a way to hide a little medicine in the icecream.

Now you! Share in the comments at the dojo which of the Mutable signs you’ll use to help you through this month’s work (and of course, go ahead and sign up for this month’s Zoom deep-dive on our topic Your Relationship with Change while you’re there).

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