Hello beautiful people of Expansive Capacity!

It’s time once again for Superpower Sunday! 🙂

As always, this is all about how we can implement wee changes that may turbocharge our *existing* superpowers so that we don’t dim our own lights due to inertia, stress, or any other upper-limit problem that reveals itself along our path.

In this month’s Superpower Sunday, in support of our deep dive on “Your Relationship with Receiving,” we’re gonna revisit my “turning poopy thoughts around” method. It’s seriously never-fail. 😉

We want to have a well-practiced muscle for turning poopy thoughts around because being in receiving mode requires alignment with what we WANT and the energy we will lavish upon it when it shows up.

If we’re so busy hating what we currently have, complaining about how the world is broken, raging against the machine for what’s not working in our lives or the lives of others, we’re not a MATCH for the energy of all the riches and wellness and love and health and everything else wonderful and beautiful to flood in. It just can’t show up to a space that doesn’t FIT its vibe!

So, when you find yourself in a space of poopy-thought-having (about anything) here’s the never-fail method for turning your thoughts around.

I feel poopy about ____________. (Let’s say it’s your roommate’s sloppiness in the kitchen.)

Option 1: Think a better thought about ___________. (Your roommate’s sloppiness in the kitchen.)

Option 2: Think about anything else.

As thoughts return to poopy feelings about ____________. (Your roommate’s sloppiness in the kitchen.)

Repeat options.

Choose again.

Repeat ’til all better. NO MORE POOPY!

This works whether it’s something basic and festering and annoying aaaaaallllllll the way up to systemic racism, misogyny, xenophobia, white supremacy, and the ever-lovin’ (Bonnie Gillespie Drinking Game alert) patriarchy for cryin’ out loud.

Sure, those topics are BIG. So is how you feel about your bank balance. So is how you feel about the friend that ghosted you. So is that troll on the internet. It’s all big if it’s what’s got your focus. And your focus is a POV of YOUR choosing.

So… choose again. 😉

no poopy thoughts bonnie gillespie

Sure, there may be times you have to use this method every few minutes (because primal brain *really* likes underscoring perceived threats and that’s what poopy thoughts are often about) and that’s especially true when you’re facing anything that’s really current, really right in your face, really all anyone else is talking about, really important, whatever… but even when the stakes are high, this method ALWAYS works!

What can you do to turn around thoughts that aren’t aligning you with what you so ACHE to receive?

As we shift into Your Relationship with Joy for next month, where can you use this method and all the other delightful tools we uncovered in this month’s Expansive Capacity meeting to be a beautiful match for all the joy surrounding you always?

So over the moon thrilled with the work I see you doing, beautiful ones. It is an honor to be a part of your next-tier journey now and always.

Your updated Aligned Hustle Calendar awaits you on the Expansive Capacity welcome page. Look out, May!!

Much love,

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