Bonnie Gillespie's Take on Anti-Racisim in Casting

Let’s talk about STOPPERS, y’all.

In showbiz, there are always stoppers: convenient ways to hand you your NO when the gig is not yours.

We’ve heard them forever. “You’re too old,” “You’re not SAG,” “We’re going ethnic.” And now, Hollywood may actually MEAN IT on the racial equality front. Finally!

STOPPERS are things you can’t bargain your way out of, when you really really really think that role should’ve been yours. Here’s what’s important right now, #SMFAninjas (and to everyone who shares this image and these words): It is an HONOR to finally not get a job because anti-racism is beginning to work.

If you want to gripe, white actors, about losing more and more roles because you’re white, fucking create your own content so you’re never out of a job. Collaborate with black creatives and build our future from an empowered place. And if all of this just makes you want to whine or come at me, please give your copy of Self-Management for Actors away to someone who actually has a shot at leading the new Hollywood.

For those of you with me in CELEBRATING this stopper, give me a woo HOO! We are — as always — #CreatingTheHollywoodWeWant ✊🏿 🏳️‍🌈 🎯 🎬 🏆

I love you beautiful people. Stay ninja!

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