Hello beautiful people of Expansive Capacity!

It’s time once again for Superpower Sunday! 🙂

As always, this is all about how we can implement wee changes that may turbocharge our *existing* superpowers so that we don’t dim our own lights due to inertia, stress, or any other upper-limit problem that reveals itself along our path.

This month’s Superpower Sunday is about an inventory I love to do to get my nervous system settled down, to get my brain quieted, and drift off peacefully to sleep.

I call it “I know this is true.”

When I’m feeling that hamster wheel going as I try to fall asleep, rather than problem-solving or trying to force meditation or something that’s way too far out of reach from my starting point, I use the energy of that whirring mind to start making a list. Yep, I lean into the skid!

The list-making goes like this:

I know this is true.
Trillions of cells are regenerating in my body at all times.
My body was built to heal itself without medicine.
Miracles are happening right inside my body as I lie here blissfully unaware of the mechanics of it all.
As I breathe — effortlessly — the work is being done to keep my body healthy, keep my brain sharp, keep this container for my spirit and soul moving through life effortlessly and with joy.

I know this is true.
I have money headed to me right now for things I’ve long-ago created. There are people I’ve never met, all over the world, bumping into my creations for the first time… and there is money on its way to me that I don’t even know about.
The value-for-value exchange is happening before I can see it in my bank account. I know — deeply and completely — that my work has worth and it is doing good in the world and there is abundance for that headed toward me right now.

I know this is true.
Humans, societies, systems CHANGE. We are built to evolve.
So much is happening right now that feels out of control or bigger than I can conceive of, fully… and all of it is aligning the world to experience expansion beyond our wildest dreams for a future that is so much better than our now.
Oh, and by the way, for the most part, our NOW is pretty spectacular. Even with all the pain, there is hope. Even with all the tears, there is joy. Even with all struggle, there is celebration.
This is the cycle of all existence and we are in it, witnessing the miracle of it all. Our voice is a part of the future we are healing together through our work.

So, in doing this, I get myself in a pretty awesome rampage of truths — and any time my brain wants to add in inventory of what’s NOT working (but is also true), I remind myself that *that* list of truths is one I already do a pretty good job of keeping up with, throughout the day. The news media has a list for me. Social media covers it well. *I* do not have to make it a part of my active inventory in order to keep it true. Remember, we have something like 3300 thoughts an hour going on ACTIVELY. The brain generates 400 billion *messages* per second, overall. We are only aware of 2000 of those (this is how the Baader Meinhof Phenomenon works — wherein we begin seeing more of what we put our focus on, always).

Doing these lists at bedtime is brain training for the under-focused-on true things that are positive, exciting, forward-leaning (vs. all the things we’re trying to keep from killing us, always, from an evolutionary standpoint). And the more we focus on those true things like the items in my lists above, the more we train our waking brain to SEE solutions because our sleeping brain helped CREATE better neural pathways for those to come through to us. More clearly. Faster. Better.

This is the work of building genius, you beautiful creative soul. How is your relationship with your stories going this month? Please share in the comments at the dojo and stay ninja, my friends.

Note: Your July Aligned Hustle Calendar is at the Welcome page if you haven’t already snagged your copy.

As always, there is so very much love flowing your way!

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