’tis the season… for talking about setting GOALS for the next year, right?

I have a somewhat unique approach to goal-setting, and it starts with gratitude for exactly where we are RIGHT NOW.

I call it, “This or something better,” and this mantra has had massive impact in my life.

Here’s how it plays out: Instead of starting my goal-setting session making a list of things NOT presently in my life that I WANT in my life, I kick things off with a load of appreciation for how much greatness I already have going on.

I write up what’s in my life — small things, big things, emotions, friends, colleagues, experiences I regularly get to have… all of it — and really steep in the warm FEELING of how good it all is, right damn now.

From *there* I start mind-mapping for the things I’d like to expand out from what’s already in place.

When I wanted to expand my friendship circle, I didn’t woe-is-me about having so few people I could truly turn to in times of need; I thought about the best-feeling friendship in my life and from a place of gratitude for that connection, I began listing off qualities I’d like to invite in at greater quantities. And within a few years? A ridiculously powerful squad I am crazy for!

When I wanted to shape up my hot bod, I didn’t even start to think about what I didn’t so much like about how I looked or felt as I moved around in the world; I thanked my body for being a miracle that recreates itself at a cellular level every day. I did an inventory of all my precious parts and thanked them all for working together so beautifully to keep this whole operation in order. From that place of appreciation for what *is*, I extended those feelings into how I felt in my clothes, how I moved as I walked, how refreshed I felt upon rising each morning. I drew IN the expansion of my goals by starting with gratitude.

In today’s livestream, I’m gonna walk YOU through some goal-setting using this simple yet effective method and I cannot WAIT to provide you with a running start toward some far more impact-filled resolutions a few weeks from now.

This or something better.

Such a delicious way to frame the new start that we get every freakin’ day!

Let’s jam about all this at 12pm PST at Facebook, YouTube, or Periscope c/o Twitter! Bring your journal, a pen, and an idea of some goals you’d like to approach in a whole new way! [REPLAY BELOW]

Also, while I have you, I’d like to share this quick link to register for a free webinar I’ll be hosting on Friday — yeah, yeah, yeah… I know it’s the day after Thanksgiving here in the States and most of you will be shopping-’til-you-drop after eating leftovers, but *if* you’re around and would like some inspo about how to boost your resting state of enoughness in ANY area, I sure would love to have you join in the fun! (Yes, there will be a replay for those who sign up.)

Ooh, that’s a lot of livestream love, y’all! So grateful to you for inviting me into your world like this. 🙂 You’re awesome and I appreciate you.


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  1. Tonya Kay November 27, 2019 at 4:00 am

    LOVE this. Thank you for the reiteration. Very mentally healthy!


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