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Note: I am NOT in a round! (To read about my Whole30 journey, start here.)

After months of bedrest and then a month of travel — during which I ate whatever the eff I wanted and of course was only ever doing PT for anything close to exercise (WAY different from my 5-8 pole and pilates classes per week lifestyle of last year) — I had been very pleased to not get too far off from the 60 pound weightloss I’d had. 🙂

HOWEVER, of course with the drastic shift from a cut, muscly, VERY active workout gal to a bed-ridden one eating ice cream every few days, the “maintaining the weight” was way more a function of losing muscle mass and the fact that fat weighs less than muscle. :\

So… I knew that just because the weight stayed basically the same, that didn’t mean my BODY was the same.

Sure enough, my jeans started getting tight, even though I was 5, 6, 7… then eventually 10, 11, 12… pounds over my low from pre-bedrest.

Still, I gave myself a little window of “allowable creep” before I was going to get upset because the ONLY goal for the past few months has been to get out of excruciating pain and begin to rebuild my physical life from a new center. If that meant sugar, dairy, and wheat (yep) came back into my life, so be it. Priorities. One devil at a time.

Okay, so as I’ve transitioned from PT that is meant to reduce acute pain into PT (and now yoga!!) that is meant to create solid core strength so that I can ultimately return to pole and pilates (at least 2 classes a week, I hope — probably never again 5-8 a week, the docs say), and as I’ve crossed some key benchmarks with my mind-body work, the comfort eating is over and it’s time to clean up the diet.

In case it encourages you to see numbers, please know that on Wednesday I decided to cut out the three things that had crept back in from time to time (sugar, dairy, and wheat) and follow the beloved Whole30 plate map with way more consistency.

While I *did* have an amazing layer of mozzarella on my otherwise Whole30 pasta dish at True Food Kitchen Friday night, I’ve been 100% on this plan and this morning I am down 6.5 pounds.

Since Wednesday. Today is Sunday, y’all.


My body fucking LOVES being treated with so much respect! It’s fascinating what that shift to a commitment I *know* my body responds to will do.

For those of you who were on the 3rd Get in Gear for the Next Tier LIVE call yesterday, you heard me say that our methods, our tools, our Self-Management for Actors curriculum is not about “earning a degree, plopping it on a wall, and forever being done with the work,” but instead a LIFE filled with the work, hopefully with some ability to slack off, deviate, and even have ice cream now and then without massive spin-outs.

Because we always know how to find our way back. The methods WORK. So… we lean into the tools when we need to. So happy to share this with y’all! Happy July! Happy birthday month to meeeeeee! 😉

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