Hello beautiful people of Expansive Capacity! Happy Woo-Woo Wednesday, leadery ones!

This month, we’re gonna play the alphabet game — one of my very favorite Abraham-Hicks mindset activities.

You might not believe me if I told you how many times I play this game. When sleep doesn’t come easy, I’ll do several laps of this game — with variations I’ll share in a minute — as a form of counting sheep.

If I’m in a public place and feeling anxiety about some of the energy around me, I’ll play this game. If I’m struggling to have gratitude for someone or something in my life that’s in a challenging place for a bit, it’s the alphabet game to the rescue!

Here’s how it goes.

Starting with A, I think of the most positive word I can come up with. Say, abundance. Then B, blissful. C: creative… and when a less-positive word creeps in, I’ll keep coming up with words ’til I land on one that makes my heart sing. Then I move on to the next letter, and the next.

At bedtime, I either drift off to sleep before I reach the end of the alphabet, or repeat from the top, attempting to use all new words.

If I’m wanting to set the tone for the day, I’ll do a round before I’m fully awake, coming into awareness that it’s a new day. And as I make it through the alphabet, I’ll get out of bed filled with energy for my beautiful day ahead.

I find that whatever was barking at me melts away through this deceptively simple practice.

When I want to make it a more advanced version of the game, I string together phrases: “Abundantly beautiful, creatively delicious, effortlessly flowing grace. Heavenly inspired, jubilant knowing. Lovingly magical nourishment,” and so on.

And if I’m really struggling with falling to sleep, I work the alphabet backwards or require every third word be an adverb. Yeah, I’m a big geek. 😉 But I’m a pretty dang happy one, so I’ll take it!

Try it! Midday stress? Not feeling present before a big meeting? Dissolve the anxiety away with a quick run through your A-B-Cs.

Nothing wrong with tricking yourself into feeling better. I mean… the end result of this little game is feeling better. Isn’t that a superfun way to be?

We’ll continue to jam about all this and our February topic of Your Relationship with Leadership over in the comments at the dojo. If you haven’t already done so, head over there to register for our Zoom mastermind! Remember, this month’s sesh is way early in celebration of my trip around the world.


All my love,

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