This is a favorite photo of mine. I’m 6, hard at work on something brilliant. Unlikely homework. Far more likely I’m rewriting a list of characters for a play I’m creating. 🤓

That actually could’ve been for Montessori though. I was — as all Montessori kids are — encouraged to explore and create what excited me. So by the age of 7, I had written, directed, and starred in my own play. I also sang the song I wrote for it. And designed its programs for the audience. 🏆

Starting to see early patterns for doing all the jobs? 🤷🏽‍♀️

In my life, I’ve had to learn to share the load. Not fear everyone will disappoint me. Trust that while, sure, there will be the pain of loss in relationships, for the most part I will be encouraged and supported and strengthened by the amazing people in my life. 🦋

I was raised an only child of a single mother, on government-funded lunch at a public school whose culture I didn’t understand. ☠️

But none of that had happened at the time this photo was taken. This was when my family was larger than a party of 2. This is before I was plucked mid-year from the nurturing nest of Montessori (my home from age 2 to 8).

When this photo was taken, my life was about exploration and discovery and expansion and growth and safety. It would be 18 months before I would learn about divorce and hand-me-downs and single-file lines and “sit down and shut up” instead of “Ooh, Bonnie, tell me more about that!” from my teachers.

🌱 My childhood happened in two parts. Thriving, then surviving. Such a drastic, harsh turn.

Very similar to the turn that led to my upper-limit problem of this deep mind-body healing journey. Except this one went from struggle to safety. From escapism to #sobriety. From unhealthy to fit. From hustling to wealthy.

Turns out, in *either* direction, drastic changes take their toll. It’s part of why I teach creatives all over the world to pre-pave for the success we want to have in our lives. We have to make the things we want feel at home before they show up, otherwise they just bounce right out.

Enoughness is an inside job, but it’s one I’ve been mapping out in beautifully do-able ways. 💕 It’s almost time to share.

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