The hubs and I are in Phoenix for LaunchCon 2019. It has been wonderful and we’ve learned a lot. It has also been exhausting and overstimulating, as any event with 1000+ people, way-too-loud music, required “state activating” physical rituals, and soooooo much LEARNING would be.

Keith Johnson and Bonnie Gillespie at Jeff Walker's LaunchCon 7 Nov. 2019

Ways we made LaunchCon work for us vs. letting its energy punish us:

1. We know our limits, set our boundaries ahead of time, and stick to them. Sleep is not optional. SIESTAS, in fact, are not optional. Lots of water. Comfy clothes. NOT forcing ourselves to do all the “get to know you” and networking requirements of the event — without worrying this would somehow cause us to lose out on anything.

2. Baseline Criteria. This is a beauty from my mind-body healing work and we use it liberally in Expansive Capacity and our other enoughness offerings. Set your minimum requirement from anything. For me, it was a particular person I wanted to meet, a specific convo I wanted to have, and engagement that played out a certain way. My BC for this entire 5-day experience was met by 8am Friday.

This let the pressure off EVERYTHING else because if I hit a wall, I could take a break. If I needed to withdraw from other humans after too much introvert/empath bombardment, I did so without worry I would miss my chance to meet that BC. Because it was already met and that meant EVERYTHING else at the conference? Bonus points.

3. We ALWAYS travel with lots of space for self-care. We had massages at the spa upon arrival. We have chef-prepped dinner to greet us when we get home, with a day on each end of the trip fully walled off from ANYTHING because travel is taxing no matter how chill you try to be about it.

Anything we missed by NOT being in the room? We can go to the Facebook group and see what others are saying about it. We can chat with people out in the hallway where it’s quiet and ask, “What’s been the most inspiring thing YOU have learned here?” and get even MORE than we would’ve gotten from the conference room’s ever-diminishing seating (a strategy to keep the room looking packed, and everyone networking via proximity).

The biggest takeaway for me is the same thing I *always* get when connecting with other entrepreneurs: Our empire is a MIRACLE of organic traffic (we’d never advertised in 20+ years of this until *just* last week!!!); our message is NEEDED by more than just actors, performing artists, and other showbiz creatives; and we are EXACTLY where we need to be to turbocharge things and go to the next level.

Yes. That’s why all the upper-limit problem work and block-busting the past couple o’ years. Making sure success can STICK at a whole new tier.

We. Are. Ready.

Thank you, Jeff Walker, Stu McLaren, Susan Garrett, Shelli Valera, Barry Friedman, Don Crowther, and of course my rockstar team for keeping things running while we were off the grid and my amazing hubs for going on this adventure with me. 🙂 I love us!


Bonnie Gillespie autographed the internet

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