And that’s a wrap on The Big Leap Couples Camp with The Hendricks Institute.

I’ll be sharing the first of what will be many #SMFAninjas related lessons from this long weekend in Berkeley in Tuesday’s #BonBlast (get on the list to receive my inbox love via the link over here), but without a doubt, there’s a lot to decompress from and to deconstruct after so much work on #UpperLimitProblems and how our bodies can take on the stresses we THINK we’re handling just fine — including the stress of love and wealth and weightloss and sobriety and all the success of your next-tier dreams. 🧘🏽‍♀️🐛💫🦋💕

That’s a lot all at once and it’s a challenge to our self-concept to have so much feel so right so fast. 💗🔮💫

This retreat was not small work. At its core for us though was the realization of how great we are as a force in this industry and in this lifetime together.

This is only the beginning!

Cannot wait to see where we soar next! Stay tuned.

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