Ahh… I feel like I can exhale.


I’ve been facing mad resistance as I build the enoughness curriculum. Not because I don’t know what I want to teach, but because there’s so. much. of. it… and I find myself overwhelmed. 😬

Of course, y’all know I see overwhelm as a luxury label for staying stuck when the work of looking at what the *actual* block is seems treacherous. ☠️

So, I’m regularly holding my feet to the fire 🔥 knowing the work at times is really about confronting my own enoughness as I expand beyond my comfy showbiz niche. 🎬

Wait. Showbiz got comfy? Whoa. That’s an accomplishment. 💪🏽 I need to honor that the industry has delivered some amazing opportunities for me to help a generation of creatives heal their relationships with themselves so they find more joy in their journey. 🧘🏽‍♀️💫🦋 That’s not nothin’.

So, today was filled with chances to uncover some of the blocks I’ve been carrying around. Hell, all days have those opportunities. 🤣🤷🏽‍♀️ Whether I take ’em is another story.

Today, a brilliant convo in the What Works network led me to an a-ha moment that hearkened back to my PhD studies in designing educational interactive games (y’all… I was the BEST project manager — shocker).

🤓 Holy crap, let’s gamify this ish!

Create early wins knowing there are entire worlds to uncover, the deeper they go. Ahh… all the mazes and jewels to collect… it’s not a PROBLEM; it’s a *life* of treasure-collecting! 🏆

So! Excited! Now!

I keep trying to worry about how actors will react to the shift in my work. 🔮 All the woo-woo, all the work on Upper-Limit Problems, all the 💰 money mindset 💵 and health and wellness… so much GROWTH! 🌱

I received this in an email from the UC Irvine folks who have me in a few times a year to teach Self-Management for Actors… and what were those lovely creatives talking about at graduation?

💗 Not their brand. Not their targets. Not their tools. THEIR ENOUGHNESS. Something I peppered into my last visit. It landed. 🦋

Grrrrl, you’ve got this. 💃🏽

Quit checking for signs. They’re everywhere… and you don’t need them.

💫 It’s time to build the thing.

Ahh… GAME ON! 👩🏽‍💻

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